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planning to try this out soon, it sounds really nice, just wondering, is it okay if I hack up this system and publish it?

Sure! But maybe you should wait for more patches or reviews :D


hey alright cool man!

I've been waiting for a system like this since 2019, so my jaws dropped when I saw this


What is the starting Gap value?

It's 3! Should be mentioned,  guess it's not that clear :)


This looks cool! I´d love to see a general plan for improvement to draw me in for a boost.

Thanks! First would be basic moves outside the race. After that I plan to do something with progression and moves/abilities. 

More would come after more playtests and patches :) vision is still vague 


It´s nice to know that you would first branch out to handle the pre- and post-race moves. It would be really interesting to see how the race could influence those and vice versa. 

Thought that more formal Roadmap would be great: 

Thanks for mentioning it :)


Great to see! :)