Roadmap from v0.1.2

The current roadmap for this project is listed below. It could be changed anytime so no hard promises!

v0.1.3+ 🏁 unlocked with your amazing support! These would be minor patches with text and rule tunings

v0.2 🏁 unlocked with your amazing support! Here would come basic moves outside the race. Something between BitD and Night Witches (day moves). Here is my current list:

  • Fix your car, go SMART if you are doing that yourself or HOT if someone is helping you
  • Release your emotions, go HOT if you are using your passion or HARD if you are punching with words
  • Stalk your rival, go SMART if you are collecting intelligence or COOL if you are approaching them directly
  • Play dirty, go HARD if you mess up directly or HOT if you are manipulating someone
  • Prepare yourself, go SMART if you have a plan or COOL if you are improvising

v0.3 🔒 (you can unlock it by supporting the project) — more premade moves and abilities. Maybe I would get rid of Joker Moves.

v0.4 🔒 (you can unlock it by supporting the project) — character progression. I want to make the winner get car upgrades while the loser would unlock new abilities. So it should be a win-win situation :)

v0.5 and higher would be based upon your feedback and overall project flow upon v0.4. But I have some plans for deeper car tuning mechanics (maybe even separate sheets) and rules for more than 2 players.


Aug 22, 2022

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